Domestic Violence / Anger Management Group

Anger and domestic violence affects many families in the community. Unresolved issues can result in harm to family members, jail time, or other unfortunate experiences. It is important to resolve any anger issues that exist so that your family can continue to develop lasting relationships. In many cases, Domestic Violence and Anger Management treatment may be the answer you have been looking for.

Prime for life DUI School

Our state certified, Prime for Life DUI school is designed to provide DUI offenders an educational experience that significantly reduces the chance of a repeat offense. This class provides a motivational experience for the participants. Our goal is to educate those who are at risk of continued drug and alcohol abuse and challenge them to change their behavior. The prime for life curriculum includes both preventive and intervention methods to help the participants learn in a non-judgmental atmosphere the consequences of their actions.

Psych Ed Substance Abuse Class

Our Psych Ed Substance Abuse class is specifically designed to educate the first time drug or alcohol offender on the dangers of substance abuse. This class is for the first time offender who does not need an intense therapeutic program, but rather an educational experience to help them understand drug and alcohol abuse.