Think Twice Before Trying an E-Cigarette

Vaping, cloud chasing, fogging, whatever you’ve heard it called it all refers to the same thing… electronic cigarettes. One of the most frequently asked questions about e-cigarettes is how dangerous are they and are they as bad as regular cigarettes. Both of those questions are pretty simple but they also require a little explaining.

It didn’t start this way

E-cigarettes were first marketed as a solution for smokers who were trying to quit. Ideally, they’d start at their current nicotine level and work their way down until eventually, their body wasn’t dependent on nicotine. Then it became trendy and more people than ever are trying it because of its accessibility.


The #1 most addictive mass marketed chemical out there. Besides that, nicotine can also cause risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. So although e-cigs aren’t going to have all of those nasty ingredients that are in cigarettes such as ammonia, nickel, formaldehyde, and various pesticides and fungicides, they still contain nicotine which makes it dangerous. They are still addictive and bad for your body. They’re also a lot more tempting to try given how it is less dangerous than cigarettes.

The gateway drug

Usually, you’ll see this term used with marijuana, but it’s very applicable to vaping. It’s not as bad as the “harder drugs” and so people are much more tempted to use them. After they use the lighter stuff it’s a much smaller step the next “drug” which can lead to progressively worse abuse. Back to vaping, although no nicotine juices (the stuff you put in the e-cig) don’t cause any harms from the materials inside, they still aren’t the best to start trying.

If you see someone you know starting vaping you might want to tell them to knock it off. Peer pressure can be just as much a positive thing as a negative thing.